Serendipity Online Marketing

How we work

How we work

These short videos help explain key aspects of our process, and how we would approach SEO for your business.

AIM for more sales from your website

Our AIM process is breaks down a simple approach to deliver more traffic and sales for your business.

Data is the key to great SEO

Many website owners are unhappy with the level of traffic and sales that they get from their website, and the potential amount of profit they could be making, this is understandable.

A comprehensive approach

There could be many reasons why your website isn’t working for you. It could be your content that is letting you down. Or maybe the site is slow, or hard to navigate. We take into account content, UX and technical performance when evaluating SEO.

We start with strong foundations

The process of obtaining the traffic to your site starts with Keyword and Competitor research.

Only when you know what keywords your customers are using can you concentrate on the ‘tuning’ of your site.

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Serendipity are very different from the average SEO agency. Let us show you just how much we can help your business become an online success.