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Press Releases – How Can They Be Used for SEO etc

I have just returned from a workshop given by a PR company called PR2Go. It was their first and was all about what PR was and how it could be used to enhance a businesses reputation.

Of course to those versed in all this, it is easy to see why you should use PR, but to the rest of us, it is a bit more difficult, at least in some cases. For my part I can see that PR is a valuable SEO tool, as it allows me to create a press release and then submit this to one (or many) of the Online Press Release sites that abound on the web.

If the release is half decent it will get accepted and once accepted be there when Mr Google’s spiders come a calling (something they do often with these sites). The result, a link back to the site, which is all to the good.

The presence of this release is good for another reason of course, as it raises the profile of the business on the web when someone is looking for sites that ‘talk’ about it, reviews and comments often being searched for when a customer is deciding whether they really want to be a customer or not…

However, the real reason for a Press Release must be to get into the press, either digitally in print (or better still both). Whilst getting some digital space is relatively easy, getting some space in print is much harder it seems.

So what are the things to bear in mind when trying to get a release printed?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I have some tips for you, from the experts at PR2Go:-

However, before I do that, the most IMPORTANT piece of information that I picked up at the workshop was this piece of gold:-

“The story that you want to tell will, most often than not, Not be the story the journalist wants to tell…”

There is a basic reason for this and that is that most of the stories that we want to tell about our business are ‘yawn’, a bit boring to the journalists of this world.

This in turn means that you have to have an ‘angle’, something that whilst being what you want it to be about (your business) it is also about something that makes interesting news.

This can be quite difficult, but with some thought, and a little practise and guidance from people like those are PR2Go it is achievable.

Tips to make it more likely for your PR to be accepted:-

Make it (perm any number from these 6):-

  1. About People
  2. Interesting
  3. Educational
  4. Informative
  5. Entertaining
  6. Tell them something NEW

Then, bearing in mind that your story might not be the one that anyone wants to tell, think of the ‘Hook’ the thing that makes something mildly interesting very interesting. An example of this is a shop refit. If it was once an old building, then you can use the ‘shop refit breathes new life into historic building angle’ and if it is about taking on new staff, if there is someone that is being employed who has been out of work for a long time or has a disability or something, consider using that as a ‘good news’ angle.

So, if you want some PR and don’t really fancy sitting in a bath of beans for charity, have a chat with a PR expert or two and let them see what they can come up with. After all, ‘There’s a Story in there somewhere’, you just have to find it…

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