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Finding the key to repeat customers

For most online businesses, return customers are very important and encouraging them to come back to your website to purchase again is the goal. It is an uphill task and with the number of websites selling identical or similar items to you is exponential so customer loyalty is worth investing time and money in.

Whether the economy is great or in the pits, your business not only needs to find good customers, but you also need to know how to keep good customers.

Some facts are indisputable. When it comes to customer relations, one fact that bears the test of time has to do with the cost associated with acquiring a customer versus how much it takes to keep a customer. Some experts feel that it can cost your business five, six, maybe as much as seven times to get a new customer as it takes to keep a customer once they are buying whatever you are selling. If this is even close to being true, and we’ll assume the facts are on the right path, what can your business do to maximize its investment in customer acquisition through effective customer retention?

The following are five techniques you might consider implementing within your business processes. When it comes to customers, they are not all the same, and how you treat various sub-groups of them can spell the difference between bottom line success and failure.

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