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How to use Majestic SEO to Improve Your Linking Structure

One of the surest ways of increasing the rankings for any site is to get more links pointing to it, the other name for these being ‘backlinks’. There are of course many many ways of getting links to a site, blogging, social bookmarks, articles to name but three.

However, in many cases these links have a very low linking power (it’s a numbers game here) so what you need in an Impressive Linking Structure, one that will impress the Search Engines, are links from some high power links, these where possible being from truly relevant sites.

Reverse Engineering a Great Linking Strategy

There is however another method, that of finding out what sites are linking to the sites that are already doing well on the Engines (for your target terms) and then copying them. The first step then is to find a tool that will help here, and one of the best is MajesticSEO.

The next step is knowing how to use the data it provides, and to help, here I have produced a video on how to use MajesticSEO in improving your linking structure, as well as a page in our SEO videos section giving more details.

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