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Running Competitions For Traffic Generation

If you are looking to create traffic to a site then running a competition could be a great way to go. I have heard numerous stories about the effect these have had on increasing traffic and Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ so I am pretty confident in suggesting to my customers that they give it a go. There are however a few rules that need to be followed and it needs to be carefully planned and it all needs to be followed up in the right way.

As with the area of Social Media, this means that it will take a deal of time to do ‘the right way’ but from what I have seen it could certainly be worth it!

Running a Competition for Traffic

If you are looking to generate extra traffic to your website look no further, competitions can do that, but there are few important points when your goal is specifically to bring traffic to your site:

  1. Include competition information back on your website
  2. Ensure entrants must visit your site in order to enter
  3. Link back to your site whenever you promote the competition!


The first question to ask yourself is why are you running a competition at all? What is your goal? What you are hoping to achieve? Although I am specifically going to write about running a competition to increase traffic to your site, the basics of running a competition are very similar with just minor tweaks to achieve different goals. Other reasons to run competitions:

  • To build links
  • To build brand awareness
  • To increase social followers
  • To get rid of surplus stock
  • To promote a specific product or service
  • To build an email list


What are you going to give away? The prize is a vitally important component to any successful competition and will be heavily influenced by the above reason for running. For the purpose of increasing traffic there are no real limits to what you could offer. That said, there are a few top tips I would give for selecting a great competition prize. I’m not a huge fan of the extremely obvious – money, iPad/Pods etc, etc so try to do something different:

  1. Be creative in your prize selection
  2. Offer something unique
  3. Make sure it’s related to your niche
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive

After running numerous competitions in various industries, above all I have found that a prize highly relevant to the website you are promoting almost always brings the best results.

See the full story at:

As for SOM, we are going to be suggesting this to our customers, running competitions on both Facebook and via their sites.

Best of luck if you try one and I do hope you are a WINNER!

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