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SEO and Scare Stories….

Lets be clear on this, there are a lot of ‘scare’ stories out there in the SEO world. Some may, just be true but some defy logic and I simply don’t believe all that I read and would advise anyone else to do the same (including what I write – check it out and give it some thought before you agree with it).

The latest one comes from a site and a chap that seems to be one of the knowledgeable ones (maybe he knows more than I) and some of the points he raises are good, but he goes on to make some statements about links and how poor quality ones will reduce the overall power of your links as they devalue the goods ones.

Now while I can see some logic in this, I can also some big flaws. First, many of those ‘bad links’ never get noticed by Google (it is reckoned that up to 70% of links are never found) but also and perhaps more importantly, ALL sites have some ‘bad’ links, at least if you rate ‘bad’ as being from a site of low worth.

In fact to me a site with only Good links would be the one to think about knocking off the rankings, as its linking structure must surely be ‘manufactured’.

This possible devaluation also means that you can start to undermine an opponents links by creating links from dubious sources in dubious ways, and I just don’t believe that Google or any other Engine will allow this, at least for long.

Please see the full story at and make your own mind up, but in the meantime please don’t get too worried by what you read.

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