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Social networking is a great marketing tool

Social networking has become a popular tool for marketing. It used to be done in person but these days more businesses are hiring marketing companies to do this for them. There are different sorts of social networking with the most popular being Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Facebook can be used for both networking and advertising. Having a Facebook page for your company allows you to connect with people, groups and other businesses. You can use the page to upload photos, videos and whatever information you wish to impart. Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to advertise their goods or services as pay per click which is targeted at suitable members.

YouTube can be a very useful tool for your business. Much depends upon the type of business you have but you can show demonstrations of goods or services, ‘how to’ and so on. You can then use your uploaded video in several different social networks and blogs.

Twitter has become extremely popular and whilst celebrities can gather followers by sharing their thoughts or daily lives, businesses should keep their tweets interesting and fun. You can only use 140 characters so tweets must be to the point. You can use Twitter to direct followers to your website, Facebook page and your YouTube videos. The thing to remember with Twitter is that you need to engage with your followers, talk to them rather than at them, allow them to interact with you. Keep your tweets friendly and genuine, be inspiring and remember good manners cost nothing but give everything.

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