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Some Great Examples of Link Bait

There is a huge amount of discussion on the web about links, what makes a link a good one, what should be avoided and what is a great idea, The thing is, as with any other area of SEO, if you ask the three Internet Marketing Experts the same question you will get back four answers, all of them being different, more on this later.

Linking – an area that needs care

However, to get back to the point, Linking is an area that needs careful consideration and craft. There are other blogs on this site that discuss the matter in more detail (buying links being covered in some depth), but this is an external one from a very respected source.

Create content that people WANT to link to!

It covers the area of creating copy that people want to link too. If you can crack this nut then you are well and truly on the path to success, as the links will just keep coming in. All you have to do is to create the content and then ‘prime the pump’.

Both will be dealt with on this site over the next weeks, this being a part of the new Frequently Asked Questions section that we are creating. But for now, have a look at this site, it provides much food for thought…

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