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Some Potentially Interesting Tracking Software For Your Website

One question that haunts all business website owners is that of “How can I get more conversions from my site?” Of course, you have to have a good site and clear call to actions before you can really expect to convert, but if these two points are covered, just what can you do to get that extra few sales from your business site?

Well, for sites selling to other businesses there is, potentially some good news, in that there is now some software available that will give you details of just which businesses have visited you site and what pages they looked at.

This is done by ‘Reverse IP Look Ups’, the details of the business then being ascertained and provided by the software. So once the software has been set up (this being as simple as adding a bit of code to every page – just like Google analytics) the data about the visitors to the site is provided to the owner.

Sure not every business visitor is tracked, in fact there is only a 35% hit rate, but even this reduced data set can be the key to some extra business, as many of the customers of the software will attest too.

Here is a quote from the site:-

Approved Business Web Traffic Revealer is the ultimate tool for new business generation.

This intelligent software allows you to see the complete details of companies that have visited your website, giving you the edge when it comes to uncovering new sales opportunities.

Approved Business Web Traffic Revealer gives your company the power to generate increased levels of quality leads by providing insight into exactly who is looking at your site, where they have come from and most importantly what areas of your business they are interested in.

The software is easily installed by adding a tracking code to your website that monitors a whole range of information that is unique and exclusively available to your organization. You can access the data instantly either via the “online portal”, or by integrating it with your own CRM platform. You can view and export visitor data, including the company name, web address, location and telephone number, creating a whole new source of business opportunities for you.

Previously, if a company visited and browsed your website then left without contacting you, that prime prospect was lost for good. Through the use of Approved Business Web Traffic Revealer, you can see exactly who these prospects are, transforming the return you generate from your website.

I have had a chat with the company concerned and went through a few areas of concern:-

  • As this software provided details of actual businesses, did this contravene Google’s Privacy Policies?

    Here, they say that as Google’s policy only covers the public, ie normal consumers, all is OK. Google they say are fully aware of the software and its use, so all seems OK.

  • The other issue was the matter of the Telephone Preference Service, as calling someone who has registered with the TPS can result in a fine.

    Here they told me that the software does not provide the phone number of any business that is registered with the TPS. This means that this would need to be found from the visitors website. The argument here is that if they display a phone number then you can call it without fear. Sounds reasonable, but I would suggest that anyone should verify this before they call…

There is another issue too, in that in order for the information to be worthwhile, the visiting firm must be small enough so that you can have a decent chance of being able to find and talk to the actual person that visited your site. I say this as if say you had a visit from Tesco, it might be a little difficult to find the actual interested party, so that you try to take matters further…

The paradox is that the smaller the company the less likely the software is to be able to provide you with any data, small companies less likely to be found via the Reverse IP address look up process.

The good news is that they offer a 7 day trial, so it will not cost you anything to find out.

Overall then, the software is certainly worth checking out, just beware of the potential drawbacks and limitations.

If you are interested check out the full story at:-

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