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How Google Rates Pages In It’s Search Engine Results

We all know that Google has incredible computing power and some very complex algorithms, both of which it uses to compile its Search Engine Rankings,  But what you may not know is that they also employ humans to check out if their automated procedures are working as well as they should do

These people have the ‘power’ to knock a site off or down the rankings if they are not delivering the goods or are using spamming tactics, so it pays to know what they want (and to give it to them).

The Key Points

Search Intent is a Critical Factor

It is interesting to note that Google emphasises that the intent of the search query is the most important thing to consider when rating results.

It breaks down these ‘intents’ into 4 groups

  1. Know queries – When the searcher is looking for information and data.
  2. Go queries – Here the search intent is to find a particular page on the Internet.
  3. Do queries – Where the searchee is looking for a site on the Internet where they can accomplish something, e.g playing a game, purchasing something, downloading a file etc.
  4. The Combination query – Any combination of more than one the above.

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