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How to write marketing copy that gets noticed

Creating suitable marketing copy is essential if you want to get your site noticed these days and a lot of people find it really difficult to do.

How do you know if what you have written is going to be acceptable to the search engines?

Although the search engines are important, you should be writing for your human visitors, they are the ones who will be taking notice of what you are saying.

What about keywords and how do I choose them?

Keyword research is very important as it will give you an idea of what people are searching for and you can find keywords that are popular.

What else do you need to know?

Look at what you have written and make sure it has been spell checked and has correct grammar and punctuation. Also, make sure that what you have written makes sense and is relevant. You can use pictures or video really effectively and make your site more interesting for visitors.


Do you ever feel swamped by all the marketing channels now available? Should you be tweeting, setting up a Facebook page, managing your Adwords account, utilising log ins on Foursquare, Google+? I could go on.

This “busy-ness” is happening but has communication itself has really changed?

Here are a load of tips:

1. Use words, images and “tone” to get our messages across.

Think about engaging the senses – visual, auditory and emotional as well.

Notice the initial response when someone sees your material; watch when someone reads you postings. Do they have the desired affect?

If not, change one of those three:

Visual – add more colour, larger images, some friendly faces

Audiory – the words, are they working hard for you to get your message across? (see below for more on this)

Emotional – are you be audacious, vibrant, subtle or enthused when you write?!

This is all about the psychology of engagement.


2. Be good at talking about ourselves.

“It’s good to talk” and “bringing people together” are examples how cleverly written slogans can work for your product and/or service and help build your brand in modern business. In BT’s case ( and it was 20 years ago when it hit our screens and still a classic!) people know that they are being sold the benefit of being able to stay in touch via a product/service whilst reminding you, the customer, that they care – leaving a favourable impression from a few simple, clearly written and well-chosen words.

With a deluge of advertising bombarding you 24 hours a day – and an ever-decreasing attention span from a cynical public – how do you make your message stand out?

The answer is to analyse some of the key factors which distinguish those businesses whose products are perceived as being merely ‘OK’, from those which have a reputation for excellence.

3. Getting the message across.

Your business success depends on:

– How effectively you convey the salient points of your business proposition.

– Building relationships with existing clients.

– Positively influencing prospective customers without them filtering you out and discarding you on the ‘has-been heap’.

But how do you get your core target audiences buying into what you are selling? How do you distinguish your Unique Selling Point (USP) from those of your competitors?

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