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Achieving those organic search engine rankings is the usually what most website owners strive for but getting them and keeping the site up there can be tricky. It is so important to do only those things that are approved by the search engines and there are no quick shortcuts. Content marketing is an excellent way of driving traffic to your website in a natural way so that the search engines take notice and like this. Reaching the right audience for your content is essential, so taking care to place it well is just as important as what you are writing.

One of the most successful ways to generate leads and expand reach is through content marketing. We spoke with Elie Ashery, managing principle of RegReady, about how to monetize content marketing and a brand new way of looking at co-registration. What we uncovered were cost-effective secrets to generating leads, developing trust, and increasing engagement.   Online marketing has changed dramatically recently by becoming more content centric. What are some of the challenges marketers now face?

New investments in content marketing are transforming the business models of marketing departments into ones more representative of publishers. The three most prominent challenges that have emerged with content-centric marketing are purchasing lags, fringe audiences, and the lack of lead volume. However, just as with publishers, these challenges can be solved with simple economics to create better business model efficiencies.

Developing content can be expensive and hard to monetize. How can marketers maximize their content investment?

Even though there are ways for content marketing to be effective, part of the investment often goes unmonetized when it fails to generate quick purchases or highly qualified lead volume. Monetizing marketing content, if done thoughtfully, can help to maximize its value when less qualified or unready sales leads and impressions are exchanged for well-qualified ones. A co-registration community such as RegReady offers an efficient way to grow your marketing lists and sales leads by working with contextually relevant partners. Click here to continue

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