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Ten Steps To Building The Perfect Infographic

Infographics are one of those ‘things’ that people have an SEO (and Marketing) bee in their bonnets about these days, and indeed they can be very powerful in driving links and traffic, BUT only if they are done correctly and that, I can tell you, from experience is not easy at all…
This post covers the whole area in a great deal of depth, and is well worth reading, but I reckon it will take at least 3 reads as it contains a huge amount of very important data, perhaps it would be better done via an infographic…..

10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic

Hyperakt’s Josh Smith takes us through the process of transforming data into a visually compelling graphic.

Information can be useful–and even beautiful–but only when it’s presented well. In an age of information overload, any guidance through the clutter comes as a welcome relief. That’s one reason for the recent popularity of information graphics. Infographics are visual designs that help to explain complicated data in a simple way (mental-health emergencies at Burning Man, anyone?). But how are they created? What can we learn from the designer’s process? And what does an infographic designer know about storks delivering babies?

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