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Google is Listening and Learning

Came across this post and just had to include it on the SOM site as there is so much sense spoken both by Rouge and from the orignal post.

For me, the bit about Google listening and learning was the most important bit as I feel that not that many people (inside and outside the SEO community) really understand the power of Google, not just because of its computing power, but its ability to understand user behaviour and thus ‘give the searcher what they want’.

All of this means that the best SEO in the World will do nothing for any site if it proves to be delivering the wrong message. In short the only way of ‘gaming the system’ now is to provide real worth to visitors on  your web pages

SEO - The Old and the NEW
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C2B Marketing = Listening to your Customers

This article is very interesting because it is all about Businesses actually listening to their customers, all with the idea of letting them shape future products. Whilst this cannot be said to be new (marketing has always been about finding what people want and them giving to them), it is fascinating to see that BIG businesses are really taking the idea on board.

Of course, this idea of giving people what they want goes further than just the products, it also affects the branding and the website, both of which are important areas to Rouge Media.

It is all perhaps more interesting to website designers than many other professions too, especially those that are taking on board the concept of Semantic SEO. The connections are many, but perhaps the strongest is that Semantic SEO is all about understanding what the message, your brand, and your products really are, in effect you get to understand their ‘meaning’ in a way rarely reached before.

Understanding this meaning is vital of course, but, and this is the tie in, you therefore have to understand what your customers want and are expecting. If you get this wrong your site will suffer from high bounce rates (people leaving as soon as they arrive) and / or low average page views / time spent on site.

Google is Listening and LEARNING

But there is more than even this, as perhaps the biggest company using C2B will be Google. This is all because Google takes account of every click to a site and whether the person stays on that site or leaves. If too many bounce back to Google, then eventually Google will down rate that site (at least for that search term).

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