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Making The Most Of Your Search Marketing Strategy

Business owners know that in order to be successful, advertising and marketing is essential. It does not matter what goods or services you offer, if customers don’t know about you, then your business will not thrive. Since we now live in a technological age, marketing is more important than ever before and just having a website is not enough, you have to be found on the search engines so that you can grow your customer base. This means that you will need to target niche keywords that potential customers are using to search for the services or goods that you supply.

Many businesses will try to save money and do a bit of search marketing themselves, they might take part in beginner’s class or buy a book or DVD to give them a bit of insight into search marketing. What these people might not realise or understand, is that this type of marketing takes in a number of different strategies. It is therefore advisable to engage a specialist SEO company who can undertake the work and make sure that it is done properly and within the rules of the search engines.

Doing search marketing takes time, effort and a certain level of skill in order to achieve results that will drive more quality traffic to the site. By hiring an internet marketing firm, you will be buying the services and expertise of people who really know what they are doing. It will save you time and money in the long run. Remember that marketing is just one aspect of running your business and you will be better served spending your valuable time on other areas where your own expertise can be harnessed.

Another benefit of using an online marketing firm is that you could well have an advantage over the competition, particularly if they are not doing much marketing or are doing it themselves. A new business or one that needs a bit of a boost will certainly make advances in their rankings by making use of expert services. There will be a range of services on offer and although you will be spending money on these, you will reap the rewards and start making money when the website starts converting traffic.

Remember that you also need to ensure that your website is accessible from mobile devices. This is important because it is a fact that more and more searches are being made from mobiles and you do not want to miss out on high levels of potential customers. Even if your site is just for information about your business, it is still important that you make sure that prospective clients can visit your website from their device. So, talk to us today about how we can help you with your search marketing campaign and what you would like to achieve.



The last few years, search engines such as Google, Bing, and even Apple, have been upgrading their algorithms and machine learning processes to account for the end-user’s experience. But, since their algorithms are built upon the work completed by automated crawling bots (pieces of software that manually scour the internet), it has always been difficult for them to truly simulate the actions of a flesh and blood user. And it’s not feasible for them to create an algorithm that’s based on the anecdotal feedback of an army of individual users that submit their findings.

Instead the search engines have started to write logic and incorporate machine learning algorithms that based on vast troves of user behavior metrics, to their best estimation, is what a user experience should be on a website. Some of the criteria they are now measuring are site speed, mobile optimization, site structure, content, and dozens of other signals that should give the algorithm an idea of whether or not search engine users are getting what they expect from a website.

So, what does this mean for companies, marketers, and website owners when it comes to their SEO?

Basically what I, and dozens of other SEO industry experts, have been writing about for years has now come to fruition. We’ve exited the era of search engine optimization (SEO), and have now entered the new age of search experience optimization (also… SEO).

And this is great news for anyone that performs digital marketing correctly. It means that “gaming” the system has become less and less viable, and that groups who rely on black hat techniques are seeing their efforts become less effective.

So, how should websites be optimized for the search engines now that user experience plays such a big role?

Ask Questions, Provide Answers

Previously, marketers used to obsess over ideas like keyword density, meta descriptions, and link profiles. They had everything down to percentages and numbers and it all made sense when it was placed into an excel sheet. But how on earth was a website that was built from data on an excel sheet supposed to appeal to a human being?

That’s the problem the search engines set out to fix. And you need to accommodate the changes they’ve made.

Specifically, you need to think about your website visitors at every stage of your web design and marketing process. And this can be done easily with a series of question and answer audits you can ask yourself as you’re creating your marketing campaign.

For instance, if you’re designing a web page and you’re wondering how to make it appear in the Google search results, you should start by asking what your customers are typing into the search engine. This sounds rudimentary, but think it through for a moment. Previously marketers would optimize for terms such as “snow tires” or “weight loss products”. But search habits have become more semantic and people are no longer typing in general terms, but rather they’re asking questions.

Thus, the search term “snow tires” has evolved into, “what are the best snow tires for a 2008 Ford F150?”

And it’s the companies that are answering the questions for their customers that are starting to win in the search engine rankings. So, stop fretting over how many times you mention the keyword in the content you’re writing on the page, and instead start asking yourself what your customers need help with.

Embrace Mobile

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you may be shocked to hear that most people use smart phones and that smart phone searches now account for a more search volume than desktop searches. However, if you’ve been living in the world with the rest of us, this isn’t too surprising. So, if everyone is using mobile devices to browse the web, shouldn’t you likewise be optimizing your site for mobile traffic?

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