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6 Social Commerce Trends You Should Know About

It’s great to know that your own posts get found and read, and in some cases this leads to even better things, one reader telling us about an article they had written that provided even more information on the topic we had been featuring, that being ‘Social Media’s power in the Ecommerce World’.


We checked out the article and found it very interesting, Social Media now being an area that no one can totally ignore. At the moment, Serendipity really only uses Social Media to boost the power of the links we create. BUT, that is all set to change soon as we plan to offer a level of Social Media marketing to our customers.

Anyway, read on, and if you want to see the full article on Social Media Marketing, click the link!

Just a few decades ago, advertising only showed up in a few channels, such as television, radio, and billboards. Companies who wanted to increase sales had to shell out a significant amount of cash to get their products in front of people and there was no way they could guarantee their ads would get traction.

Social media has completely revolutionized the way commerce happens. Now masses of people spend their hours on social media platforms, consuming quantity in astronomical proportions. Companies who want to drive sales have to be innovative in their social media tactics.

Every year, these tactics change as social media platforms release new options. What trends can we expect for 2017? Here are 6 you need to know about.

It’s All About Those Videos

Have you noticed that video is everywhere?

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope have all released the option of live streaming video. Additionally, all these platforms offer the ability to create video ads. Even now, YouTube now has shoppable ads before videos. It also allows companies to create simple calls to action so that viewers can purchase their products.

Expect to see more companies tapping into the power of live, shoppable video even more in 2017.

Companies like QVC and the Home Shopping Network have long demonstrated that live video can generate huge amounts of sales. Now almost anyone can create live videos in which they demonstrate and sell products.

Because these videos can be so highly targeted, they represent a massive opportunity for advertisers.
If the live video trend continues, we should expect to see almost every company selling their products live on social platforms.

Cashing In On Those Impulses

Marketers have long tried to tap into impulsive buying. Whether that’s encouraging consumers to call immediately or offering a limited-time discount, impulse buying has always been deeply integrated into the shopping experience.

However, impulse buying is increasing at a staggering rate with social networks.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow consumers to make purchases without ever leaving the platform. And while not exactly a social platform, Amazon has one click ordering to make it all the easier to purchase without thinking.

Companies know that impulse shopping can drive a huge amount of revenue and are doing everything in their power to make it as simple as possible for customer to purchase without thinking.

In 2017 we should expect to see more and more companies implementing impulse buying options across social media platforms.

Pinterest, for example, isn’t just a place for posting recipes and interior decorating ideas. They now offer a “Buy Now” button which allows consumers to make immediate purchases from the platform.

Considering that a massive amount of Pinterest users visit the site for product-related ideas, it’s a huge opportunity for marketers.

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