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Expertise Authority Trustworthiness – Google’s EAT Infographic

If your site is considered to be in the ‘Money and Your Life’ area of the web, then you have to know and understand about Google’s EAT system.


Your Money Your Life
Your Money Your Life

The page showing a really useful Infographic can be found on

Now in actual fact, the Infographic was created by a large SEO company called Clickintelligence. These are really competitors to SOM, but that does not stop me from pointing out that they have done a good job in expressing the basis of the EAT system.

It is also worth bearing in mind that even if your site is not in the area of finance or health, that it is well worth following the same path and making sure that your site lives up to the ideals of the EAT rule set. Done correctly, it should help just about any site, it is just vital if you fall into the ‘Money and Your Life’ category.

A great definition from

Your Money, Your Life

This term refers to webpages that deal with sensitive information and that, if not controlled, can put people’s money or health at risk (that is, if the user actually follows the webstite’s recommendations). This is why Google has been trying to find solutions to this issue, by playing with the results that are shown on the first pages of the search results.
It is obvious that if a website has been written by anyone (for instance, someone without medical knowledge) this page shouldn’t be shown among the first results. In short, the YMYL websites are:

  • Websites that offer health or medical information that can have an impact on people’s lives.
  • Websites that offer financial information that put people’s money at risk.


The Infographic linked to above, tells us that any site in this grouping should:-


  1. Have enough, good quality content, this having to meet the needs of any page’s unique page and purpose (goes for any site really).
  2. Each page should be written by an expert in the field, be authoriative and trustworthy (the latter two are gained moslty from links to that page).
  3. Have a good site design that allows users to find what they want and navigate about easily (again every site should be like this).
  4. The pages on the site all have pointers to the important ‘contact us’, privacy and terms of service areas of the site.
  5. Adding extra content, especially videos is a real plus.
  6. The pages have a ‘positive reputation’. This is a bit ‘wooly’ to me, all I can say is that having links to the pages will help, and if they can be from sites that are really relevant that helps even more. Better still get a link from a ‘top site’ in your niche, from a page that is all about your expertise and why you are such a guru. (More easily said than done of course).
  7. Lastly, the site should be well maintained and new copy should be added frequently.

There is more to it than they say though, as using Schema on the pages to enhance Google’s view of them is a real must now too. More on this later soon.

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