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Google’s Adwords Quality Score Explained

If you are running or have ever run a Google Adwords account you will have come across Google’s ‘Quality Score’. But what is this and what impact does it have?

As for the reason for having this quality score, well that depends on how cynical you are. For those that believe that Google ‘do no evil’ as per their mission statement, this quality score is all about making the users of Adwords work harder in order to ensure that the people only get to see ‘good’ adverts and are never mislead.

For those that are not so sure of Google’s good intentions, well, they see the issue of quality score in a different light, that of making Google more money.

To be sure both could be true, as if advertisers do not create their campaigns correctly, then they will pay more for every click and their customers may well not get what they expect.

Advertisers who do not set their campaigns up properly will also see their keywords under peforming; they will get fewer impressions and poorer positions both of which are bad news.

So what is this quality score based on? Well basically Google assign a value out of 10, the higher the better. It is based on the relevance of every keyword in an Adwords  Adgroup to every other one in that Adgroup, as well as its relevance to the associated Advertising text.  And it does not stop there either, as the landing page (where the visitor ends up once they click an advert) is also checked for relevance to the keyword.

At SOM we have seen this in action and demonstrated that altering the construction of an Adwords campaign results in a HUGE improvement in quality score and consequent reduction in click costs and improvements in impressions and traffic.

As I say, it’s all down to making sure that you are taking RELEVANCE seriously, if you don’t Google will make you pay more, it is simple as that…

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