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Some Reasons Why People and Google Hate Your Website

The reasons that Google could dislike your website are many, in fact there are over 200 so called ‘signals’ that Google takes into account, some of which are known and some of which are not.

Why Google Hates Your Website
Why Google Hates Your Website

As to why people hate your site, well, they are much more noticeable and easily fixed.

Let’s start with this easy area.

  • It takes a long time to load
  • It does not work well on mobile devices
  • The navigation is poor
  • It has auto play videos
  • The copy is badly written and is stuffed with keywords
  • The fonts are poor
  • Has many Google Ads, especially if they are at the top of the page
  • No About Us page
  • There is no easily found contact info
  • There is no blog

Now some of these are also on Google’s list of dislikes too, which makes them doubly important.

Slow Loading Sites

It is understandable that sites that load slowly will really annoy people, time being so precious in today’s fast moving world. However, Google have also made it very clear that they will rank fast loading sites higher than those that are slow.

There are many reason that sites load slowly, one being the fact that the host being used is overloaded, something that is not always considered. Other reasons include images that have not been optimized for the web, pages that make too many ‘calls’ on the server to build the pages or are just too code heavy.

Whatever the reason, this is an area that needs to be addressed.

Not Optimised For Mobile Devices

With the rise in the use of mobile devices to access the internet, it is vital that any site can be viewed on the many mobile devices in use today. If it is not then users could well leave the site just as soon as they arrive, never giving the chance for the site to engage with that potential customer.

But there is another reason, as if a site is not mobile optimized, then this is one of those signals that Google is looking for, and will result in a poorer ranking for the site than it otherwise deserves.

Poor Navigation

This is another one of those areas that covers both the efficiency of a site at converting visitors and in the way Google views the site. The first is easy to understand, as if a user can’t find their way around a site easily, they are very likely to leave. However, Google also measures User Experience levels, and somehow, it can tell that a navigation system is poor and will mark it accordingly.

Auto Playing Videos

It is well known that users hate videos ‘playing at them’ when they arrive on a site, and as it is quite possible that Google will also note this fact and again mark a site down.

Poor Copy

There is little doubt that poor content is a big turn off for viewers, this including poor grammar and spelling, as well as obviously uninteresting stuff. Putting it simply, if a viewer does not get something out of the interaction with a page, be it education, fun, or advice, they are likely to leave and never return.

Google also dislikes poor copy, and will not rank such a page well, plus, if they find too many such pages on a site they are likely to downgrade the entire site.

Badly Chosen Fonts
Some fonts look better than others, and because now, the fonts used on a site can be controlled (at least to some degree) it is wise to choose a font that looks the part.

Using Too Many Google Adverts

There is nothing against placing Google adverts on a site, but if you use too many, especially if they are ‘above the fold’ the again Google will downgrade the site and users too may leave earlier than they otherwise would.

No About Us Page

About us pages are yet another way that both Google and users can be affected by the contents of a site. Users are known to like to check out the history of a business before they commit to contacting them or buying from them, and thus often will want to see what the business has to say about itself. Thus, failure to provide this information or to provide little data is likely to have a negative effect.

Similarly, Google likes a good About Us page, believing that this is a way of increasing the level of User Experience. So again, it is vital, in order to boost the overall site quality to include a very detailed About Us page.

Contact Information Not Easily Found

Most sites have some contact on them, but in some cases this is not easily found, requiring the user to visit the Contact Us page before finding out what they want. If on the other hand, the contact information is easily found, then both the user and Google will be pleased.

This is thought to be one of those signals that Google looks for and thus it is a very good idea to include contact information on every page of a site.

Lack of a Blog

Blogs are a great way of providing users with the sort of information they want, as well as creating content that Google too can rate. One big reason to have a blog is that before they ever contact a business, potential customers will want to know the business can help them. So, if they find answers to some of their questions they are much more likely to enter into the sales process.


As you can see, there are many ways you can get things right on a site and many ways you can get them wrong too. Paying attention to the factors above will help your site not only convert better, but also obtain higher rankings on Google.


About the author

Graham Baylis was born in 1957 and has therefore seen the birth of the Internet and experienced at first hand, just how it has changed the World we live in. He has been involved with computers since 1983 and helped set up the first electronic mail system used by the Civil Service in 1986. He has gained several qualifications in Computing and Marketing and has written hundreds of blogs which you can find around the web, many being on customer’s websites. He has over 19 years of experience with Pay Per Click and SEO and has an answer for most Search Marketing questions, and, for those that he hasn’t is quick to find one. Continually coming up with solutions, Graham is one person it is worth having a chat with.


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