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Did You Know That Santa Had A Problem ?

Santa Had an SEO Problem
Santa Had an SEO Problem

The Sales from his website had been dropping for months and He Was Really Worried

How could he Look after all his elves without any income?


It was happening as the ‘Santa Site’ was getting fewer and fewer visits every month.


They just kept DROPPING…

Amazon, Ebay and all those pesky toy shop websites were literally stealing his traffic.

With such low traffic his sales were disappearing at an alarming rate…

He could see the CONNECTION but What Could He Do About it???



A Way of Increasing TRAFFIC to the SANTA SITE without having to beat the likes of Amazon….

So Santa started looking for help on the Internet

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And guess what, he found Serendipity’s site and at once knew they could help him…

So Santa talked to Graham at Serendipity.

Graham listened intently to Santa’s problem, how his traffic was dropping and his sales getting lower and lower each month.

All because his site was not getting found on Google.

It had been ‘pushed out of the way’ by the likes of Amazon and House of Fraser for searches like ‘Christmas presents’ and ‘kids toys’.

Don’t worry” says Graham “I have heard it many times before and there is a way forward here.”

If you follow my advice we’ll soon have your traffic and your sales up.”


Graham went on to tell Santa the secret.

Not that it was really a secret, just a way for small businesses to get traffic and sales, and not be ‘trodden on’ by the BIG BOYS.

“You see, you can’t take companies of that size with all their money and staff on, you have to be cleverer than that…”

“You have to go where they are not…..”


So where is that?” asked Santa


It’s easier than you imagine. Just think of all ways that people search for things relating to Christmas? 

“There’s hundreds of them, and if you can capture those searches, the chances are you will also sell them some presents.”

“But to do this we’ll have to do some research and then you can get your elves to start writing the content for your Santa Site.”

Once Serendipity had done the research, finding out all the questions people were asking about Christmas, the Elves started writing…


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Once they had written all the pages, Graham ‘Optimised’ them all.

Adding in a few words that the Elves had missed and which he knew the readers and Google would love.

He made sure everything was in the Right Place, so that Google would really be able to Understand the contents of each page..

A Press Release was published about the new site and that it held all the answers about creating A TRULY MAGIC CHRISTMAS…

The Sales Started to RISE and things just got better and better.

The Elves Were Very HAPPY !


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“When your sales are dropping

And your wits are at their end


Turn to Serendipity

For there, you will find a friend


We will listen to your issues

And dig around to find


The solutions to your problems

And a way to calm your mind…”

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