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Don’t Ignore The Gift Horse In The Room….

Let’s face it, SEO has a pretty bad reputation, this not being helped by the hundreds of emails we are all getting saying something on the line of ‘we have visited your site and can see it is not appearing in the Google rankings for some key search terms’. Of course, they have no idea of whether this is true and also, no idea of what keywords you want to be found for in the first place….

The source of these emails, in many cases, are people who have signed up for an SEO Franchise of one sort or another, and who have little real expertise in SEO. The emails are just bait, the sender hoping to get the odd bite.

So, having got that bit out of the way, lets look at the BENEFITS of SEO and what businesses who do not take advantage of the FREE TRAFFIC that Google can provide are missing.

The IMPORTANT part of the last sentence is ‘FREE TRAFFIC’.

OK, in reality it is not FREE, as you or your SEO company is going to have to do some work on your site, if you want Google to rank it, but at least you are not paying per click as you do with Adwords. Plus, all the work you do is never going to be wasted, the pages lingering on in the index for many years.

The fact is that this extra traffic could be the difference between success and failure, most businesses needing a continual stream of new customers if they want to grow. And, as I say, the traffic is FREE.

That basically is the KEY POINT, if you don’t get traffic into your site then it is not really worth having. Sure, you can have a site that is just a ‘brochure’, something that you can point potential customers too, or one they can have a look at once you have given them your business card.

BUT, that will not reach people who do not know about you, and that means you are MISSING out on a very large number of potential customers…

Don’t Focus on the Negative Side of SEO

So Rather Than Focusing on the ‘Negative’ side of SEO, look at the POSSIBILITIES that making your site more ‘Google Friendly’ (and that in essence is what SEO is about – helping Google to understand your pages, products and services) offers instead – that is lots of FREE TRAFFIC.

Organic Traffic Provides Interested Visitors

It is also worth remembering that Organic Traffic provides what is known an ‘Non Interrupted’ traffic, in other words any visitor goes to your site ‘willingly’ as they must have been searching for something relevant on Google. Basically, their life has not been ‘interrupted’ by an email message or pop up advert (interruption marketing). This is important, as being in the ‘right frame of mind’ they are much more likely to convert.

Getting Good Ranks for Local Searches is Easier Than You Think

You don’t have to rank for lots of terms, just the important ones, and believe me, especially for sites wanting LOCAL traffic, this is far easier than you may think.

So, before you decide to ignore SEO, do stop and think about what you are missing out on and at least have a chat with an SEO professional. One that is willing to check your site and tell you what you need to do it to make it WORK.

It will only take 30 minutes of your time and best of all, some SEO companies like Serendipity will do the checks needed for FREE.

So please, do give it some thought, you could really be ignoring that ‘gift horse’ in the room


About the author

Graham Baylis was born in 1957 and has therefore seen the birth of the Internet and experienced at first hand, just how it has changed the World we live in. He has been involved with computers since 1983 and helped set up the first electronic mail system used by the Civil Service in 1986. He has gained several qualifications in Computing and Marketing and has written hundreds of blogs which you can find around the web, many being on customer’s websites. He has over 19 years of experience with Pay Per Click and SEO and has an answer for most Search Marketing questions, and, for those that he hasn’t is quick to find one. Continually coming up with solutions, Graham is one person it is worth having a chat with.

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