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Know Like Trust – Its as important in SEO as it is in Business…

As business people we all know this sequence. Its common sense to understand that someone has to ‘know about you’ before you can even start to work with them.

Once they know about you, the next stage is for them to ‘Like you’ as a person (people buy from people after all).

Finally, they have to Trust you. They have to trust that you have the solution to their problem and maybe that they have helped others with similar issues.

Here’s the news – It’s the same with Google

The ‘know about you’ stage is easy, Google finds just about every domain that is published on the web very quickly after it goes live. That’s the easy part.

The Like phase is more difficult but by no means impossible and to be honest, you should be doing this already.

creating trust on the internet is harder than you think
creating trust on the internet is harder than you think

All you have to do is to make sure your website really meets the needs of your customers. Does it explain how you help them and answer the many questions they have.

To do this you have to know your customer though. Is this something you have done? Many have not and it is essential if you want to convince visitors and Google that your website is worthy of their time.

The Trust bit is the hardest of all, and the one most often ignored.

People use things like ‘Social Proof’ to work out if they ‘trust you to deliver’ and will also sometimes talk to previous customers.

Google uses a different tactic. It looks for links to sites and as well as ‘mentions’ of a brand.

Getting links is not that easy though as people have to know you exist before they can create the links that Google wants to see. This means that you have to go out and ‘get them’, at least to start with, ‘priming the pump’ so to speak.

If the Trust issue is not dealt with, Google could well ignore your site and that means no rankings and that means no traffic and few sales.

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