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Some Coronavirus ‘Homework’

The chances are that we will all have some time on our hands over the next few months, this being all the more likely if we have to stay indoors. I believe that this ‘lock down’ is coming in the UK very soon now, even though Boris has said it will not (but then he said schools were not going to be closed too, not so long ago).

But, back to your ‘Homework’

One way you could usefully use your time is to examine your website to make sure that it is really sending out the RIGHT message, that it is easy to navigate and the important pages on the site – the ones you want people to get to – are easily found.

Try to take the outsiders view and not to be blinded by the fact that it may be your ‘baby’ and your pride and joy. It is after all what others ‘see’ when they visit and not what you think they see.

You may need help from a User Experience expert to do a really good job, but having a good look yourself is a great start.

Then, once you have a list of what you want to change, contact your web designer and start making those improvements.

It could well make all the difference once things get back to normal.

Good Luck to one and all

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