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Some SEO Trends for 2020

I doubt that there is anything in the World that has changed as fast as Online Marketing, and 2020 looks to be no exception.

What are the Top Changes?

  • More sites are trying to get Position Zero
  • Voice, Video and Visual searches are being used by more and more users
  • Technical SEO is becoming more important
  • UX is being increasingly recognized as an important issue
  • Structured Language still useful
  • BUT Content is still King


Voice Search and the Purpose of a Page

The upshot of all this is that business owners need to ensure that their site is optimised for Voice and Visual Search, while also making sure that the ‘purpose’ of each of the pages on the site is clear.

The latter is necessary, as only when you really understand the ‘job’ of a page, be that to answer a question, explain a service, or perhaps to ‘capture a certain set of search phrases’, can you be sure that you don’t confuse people (and Google) about what page they should be looking at.

This process also reduces the risk of two or more pages competing for the same key phrases, this problem being known as ‘keyword cannibalization’.


Visual Search

More and more people are using Visual Search these days, there being 4 main tools. These are:-

Pinterest Lens – This allows the user to search for a product simply by taking a photograph and then uploading it. There are over 2.5 billion Objects recognizable by this system and there are more than 600 million visual searches made each month.

Google Lens – This camera App can be used to recognise objects, items and landmarks, which can then be used in an online search.

CamFind – Similar to Google Lens, this mobile App allows users to make a visual search of just about anything that they can take a picture of. However, as you may expect, the accuracy of the results do vary.

Bing Visual Search – This system can be used to make searches across Microsoft’s extensive visual database.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is also becoming more important as Google ‘demands’ that sites are fast to load, whilst the user ‘Demands’ that a site is clearly laid out and does not need a lot of thought to use or navigate.

Structured Markup is becoming more important too, this being increasingly used by Google to ‘decide’ what a page is talking about.


Content is still KING

The biggest message of all though, is that CONTENT is still very much the KING when it comes to online marketing.

The reason for having a Content Plan

With this in mind, perhaps the most important thing that business owners should be looking at now, is the creation of a detailed Content Plan.

This will show the

  • ‘purpose’ of the content / page
  • who / what it is being aimed at
  • and when it is being published.

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