Serendipity Online Marketing

Take some Time to Improve Your Marketing Message

Got Time on Your Hands?


Want to be at the FRONT of PACK when the Virus has gone?

Well there is GOOD NEWS

There are Many Things You Could Do

Better Still Most will cost you NOTHING

Let’s start with your Website

You may be using this as just a Brochure

Or as a Sales Generation Machine

Either way, YOUR MESSAGE must be CLEAR

But what is your message, do you know?

Do you have a Mission Statement?

Do you know your Unique Selling Points?

What makes you STAND OUT from the CROWD?

Answering these IMPORTANT questions should be your first task

Once known, make sure your website REFLECTS them

And then start making the NECESSARY CHANGES

When doing so, remember that your visitors will be asking 4 Main Questions

1. What does this business OFFER

2. Do I TRUST them and believe that they can DELIVER

3. What are the REAL BENEFITS of their SERVICE or PRODUCT

4. Should I really be here and not somewhere else

You need to ANSWER all of these in some way or another

So make what you OFFER CLEAR to all

Ensure your ABOUT US page shows your TRUSTWORTHINESS

That the BENEFITS are easily understood, FEATURES are secondary

And that your TESTIMONIALS and CASE STUDIES show you can DELIVER

Do all of this and your website will be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE

And you will be READY when the Virus has gone


Video by Graham Baylis of Serendipity Online Marketing – 01981 259 885

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