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There is no God other than Google – WELL REALLY??

Saw an interesting article about SEO based on the idea of the 10 commandments.

The 10 Commandments of SEO

The first was that you should have no other Gods than the Search Engines.

Dangerous territory in my opinion, people can get touchy about religion and besides that it’s nonsense, Social Media is also very powerful – when used in the right way!

The next ‘commandment’ was OK, telling to not to stuff your copy with Keywords, but that statement is as old (well nearly) as the old testament (at least in Web Terms) so is really OLD NEWS.

There was another about all the things that could cause you to get your site banned or at least lose rankings, things like using too many ‘money words’ in the links to your site, or having ‘thin content’.

A later comment was about ‘stealing’ copy and using it on your site.

There is some truth here, but you will only suffer if your site contains nothing by copied content or content that has been re-arranged by a computer algorithm (other computers can spot this you know).

It is perfectly OK to use content from other sites, but you should always link back to the source and more importantly, add your own spin, agreeing or disagreeing to the statements made.

It ended on a funny note, saying that the whole 10 Commandments thing was a just a joke whilst stressing the serious points made. Hope that settled any annoyed parties…

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