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Watching with your Heart in your Mouth

That’s what it is like when the time comes to update your PC..

Keeping Customers Informed and Updated
Keeping Customers Informed and Updated


You’ve seen the reminders on your screen for days and you’ve not had the courage to press that UPDATE button. But you know it has to be done, so you back up your data (really recommend this one, an IMAGE back up if you can) and press enter.

Your PC whirs and the screen goes BLACK, the fans stir up and it feels like your PC, the centre of your business is about the take off, then the screen goes blue and all sorts of messages come up, most of them incomprehensible to the non techy minded (most of us).

This could go on for several minutes, and all the time you are sitting there in horror, praying that the machine will come through the operation..

It’s a terrible experience because we all rely on our PC’s so very much, they are at the heart of our business and we simply can’t let them fail.

Then its all over, your PC comes back to life that comforting Welcome screen appearing. It’s like seeing an old friend again. You can relax, all is well (until the next time).

I think it is the lack of understanding, not knowing what is going on that really terrifies one. And so, when it comes to working on SEO for our clients, we always KEEP THEM FULLY INFORMED as to what we have been doing.

After all, we all want peace of mind don’t we…?


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