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Why Making Your Copy Easy To Read Is Important

The UK has a 99% Literacy Rate

But some can’t understand 100% of written material, and it’s not because they can’t read…


Easy to read copy is Important
Easy to read copy is Important

We all have come across some documents (mostly legal ones I expect) that seem to be designed to make reading as difficult as possible. The sentences are long and lots of obscure words are used.

Even simple things are made to look complicated.

To makes reading easy, you must use short sentences.

And keep the number of syllables in each word as low as is possible.


You may be thinking, ‘So What’, but it is important for at least two reasons.

Number 1 – “If your marketing message is not understood, it won’t do you any good…”

Number 2 – “If your Flesch reading score is poor, Google won’t love you anymore…”

I think you will agree that these two are pretty important.

The second could stop you being seen.

Whilst the first will mean you are seen, but not ‘heard’.

To make sure you don’t fall into this trap, either take a writing course


Have an experienced copy writer create your marketing material and web site copy.

For more information please see


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