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Google ‘The Fortune Teller’ – Are They Trying To Tell You Something?

Google may well be giving you an insight into your future..

Imagine you are sitting across the table in Madame Google’s tent.

Google The Fortune Teller
Google The Fortune Teller

You cross her hand with silver (most of us do this with Google every day..) and wait.

She stares into her crystal ball and intones.

Ah, the smoke is clearing. I can see your website traffic dropping and your business losing sales.”

 “And what is this, I see ‘LCP’ and ‘CLS’, do they mean anything to you?”

The smoke gathers again, and your time has come to an end.

There is potential truth in this foretelling as in May this year, Google are going to start taking more notice of User Experience..

LCP stands for ‘Largest Contentful Paint’ and refers to the time it takes the user to see the main content appearing on their screen.

CLS stands for ‘Cumulative Layout Shift’ this being all about avoiding sudden layout shifts as the page builds on the user’s screen.

You can tell if you have issues with both of these by looking at the CORE WEB VITALS in your Google Search Console.

If any warnings are shown, then its time to talk to your website developer, as it will be their job to put this right.


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