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Networking and Google’s MOT

Google MOT Centre
Google MOT Centre

We all know that to survive a business must sell.

That is why we network all the time.

But when we do, we also know that we are not trying to sell to the people in the ‘room’.

But instead, to the people that they know, so that when an opportunity appears, they can refer them to us.

This gives every good networker ‘access’ to hundreds of people.

But even the greatest human networker is no match for Google

Google knows just about everyone on the planet, or rather everyone knows ‘him’.

And they ask him, in their billions, questions every day about how to fix this or where to buy that.

You can be sure too, that someone in your market place is doing this right NOW.

And if you don’t have a listing on Google that means you have just missed out on a potential sale….

Imagine what could happen if Google started to ‘refer’ people to you…

But there is a problem, you see before Google will do this, you have to pass the Google MOT.

Only then will it start to include you in its listings (for appropriate terms of course).

And that is where I come in.

I can make sure that a website passes the Google MOT and that in turn will bring in all those referrals and the potential business that comes with them.

Want to see if your website (or maybe someone else’s?) can pass the Google MOT, just drop me a line and lets chat.

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