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New Words Associated to the SEO Acronym

SEO is a well-known acronym, the 3 letters commonly being associated with




What should your SEO Agency be doing


This is fine and dandy, but it does not really say what it is all about?


When you think about it, SEO is all about obtaining places in Google’s listings for a relevant target phrase

But how is this achieved? What you need to do?

In every case you have to ‘convince’ Google that that page on your website ‘deserves’ a high placement (preferably at the top of the first page).

But this means that Google first has to find the page. This leads me to the first of my new words



𝐒ignposting is also used later on in the process, but initially, these Signposts are links from other sites, each one also helping to build the necessary level of Trust

Finding the page is only the first step though, you then have to 𝐄xplain (my second new word) to Google (and the humans that follow) so that it ‘knows’ what topic the page covers


That leaves just one new word; 𝐎verawe.

It is not easy to impress Google, so you have to make sure you 𝐄xplain things very well and use all the right words (the ones Google expects to see)

𝐒ignposting comes back into play here, as you need to place your Keywords where Google will be looking for them (in the Titles and Headers), and also use Internal links (something so often overlooked) to reinforce the meaning of each page


If you would like to know more, please reach out, as I would be pleased to explain how it all works and how SEO can Boost Your Business.


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