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Passage Indexing and Fraggles…

You may have seen my article on Fraggles last year, there being some doubt as to whether Google was actually using this system.

Fraggles - Fragments with Handles
Fraggles – Fragments with Handles

I’ve just come across some ‘evidence’ that states that they are, they just give it another name: ‘Passage Indexing’.

Are Featured Snippets the same as Passages?

Featured Snippets are similar but different, in that they are used as an answer to a specific question, where ‘Passages’ are recognised  by Google and used to rank that page for a broader range of search terms. In essence they boost the likelihood of the page being found for a relevant long tail search phrase.

There is one big difference in suggested approach to this issue though. Google have said that you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this new system, whereas those who support the use of Fraggles recommend that you ‘highlight’ the start of each Fraggle (Passage) as that is bound to make it easier for Google’s AI system.

We are experimenting with the system at the moment and will report back when we have some hard data to share.

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