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STOP PRESS – Google World Defies The Laws of Physics

A World Where House Bricks Float on Water

Anyone who has read a book by Terry Pratchett will believe that such a world could exist

And they’d be right, because there’s one that we enter every day

It’s the World of Google

Let us assume that Google is an ocean, and that websites are ‘ranked’ on how light they are

Sites Full of Great Content with lots of Trust (links) will be very light, made perhaps of wood, or possibly hydrogen balloons, these soaring to the heavens with many First Page Ranks

Others, those sites which are, well, just plain rubbish, with no real content and no links would become the ‘house bricks’ and would plummet to the depths

All this seems fair enough, until you start seeing house bricks on the first page

In the World of Google, physics it seems is sometimes put on hold

Ask an expert why this happens and they cannot say, instead alluding to the many rules that are hidden from us all, others say it is a system where Google give these sites some exposure to see how users react

We are all ‘rats in the Google maze’ you see

Rats in the Google Maze
Rats in the Google Maze

Would you like to know more about the ‘Science’ behind Google ranking (because it does apply most of the time)?

If so, book at chat and I will tell you all…..

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