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The Quest For A Top Google Rank And How It Is Better To Target Long Tail Keywords

Just like the search for the Holy Grail, there has been many a gallant knight (read an ‘intrepid SEO type’) that has sought to find the secret of a top placement on Google.

A knight in quest of top Google Ranks
A knight in quest of top Google Ranks

Many more have written about it (there is no less that 18.8 Million pages in the Google index on this subject), all giving sage advice on the matter.

No Magic Bullet For SEO

The fact is that there is no ‘magic bullet’ or potion here, and even if one was found, Google would quickly update its ‘armour’ or find an antidote.

Web Pages Have To Earn A First Page Rank

The fact is that Google does not want there to be any way of getting to the top without first earning the right to do so.

The problem, if that is what it is, is that Google’s view of ‘what makes a site worth a top spot’ is not, perhaps the best answer to the question. It only takes a look at some of the search results to see that they are often skewed towards the bigger brands, this regardless of the quality of the page listed.

The there is also the fact that sites seem to need (in most cases) a good few links, even to get considered for a top placement, again regardless of the content they offer.

So what is the answer?

My view is that it is best to spent ones time creating pages that Google will list for the countless number of ‘long tail keywords’ that are searched for every day in every market place. Not only is it far easier to gain a top place on Google, but it is also a fact that those using these terms are normally farther along the buying cycle, and are thus easier to convert.

So stop trying to get to No.1 and just concentrate of providing great content, that way you will get the best of both worlds and possibly a first page rank for terms you were not expecting..

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