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We are all about to enter Strange Uncharted Waters…

Sailing into uncharted waters
Sailing into uncharted waters

I expect that most businesses will look back at the same period last year when checking on their progress.

This is normal as it offers the best data about how things have changed, that is, more or less sales, web visitors or enquires etc

The thing is this is the last month before Covid struck, the last month of ‘normality’.

From April onwards, it is going to be very difficult to compare what happened then with what is happening now.

You can always fall back on 2019 data of course, but it does offer an additional challenge to any business owner (and who needs more of those at the moment).

From a website point of view, perhaps the best you can do is to look at the Google Search Console.

Here at least you can compare the percentage of clicks you get from all the impressions your site has had in the Google listings in 2020 and 2021.

That will at least tell you how well you are doing at capturing those in the pool of ‘interested parties’.

If your figures are lower, then you need to take action to improve matters, if higher you can move on to the next point, which is ‘how well you are converting your visitors?”

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