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What Channel is Bringing In The Business?

Many businesses are using lots of channels to promote their products and services

But how many KNOW which one is the best?

Do You KNOW Which Sales Channels Are Working?
Do You KNOW Which Sales Channels Are Working?

I have seen companies throwing money at Google Adwords with absolutely no sign of a return. This is not to say that the channel will not work, but it surely not working for them as it is.

Such revelations can really help when deciding where to spend your marketing pounds

One of my customers, a landscape gardener called yesterday (will be a case study soon) and doubled his SEO budget because he could tell that it was working.

I was pleased as the statistics showed a huge increase in impressions on Google and a doubling of clicks (for a whole set of new relevant keywords) but that is not the real issue.

It is sales that businesses want, and that is what they were tracking.

They KNEW what channel was working for them.

Do you KNOW what channel is “bringing home the bacon?”

Instigating a process where every telephone enquirer is asked “and how did you find us?” is a great start (or you could be really clever and set up some special numbers that will actually tell you where the call came from).

Checking your Analytics (don’t forget to set up some goals) and your Google Search Console data are also key steps here.

Remember ‘Knowledge is Power’ so ensure you know what is working (and what is not) it could really help your business.

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