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What’s Your Irresistible Offer

Every Business Coach I have ever talked too has recommended that you have an ‘Irresistible Offer’.

What this is will really depend on your line of business of course, but there must be something that you could offer, something that people just can’t say No to????

Our Irresistible offer?

An SEO Audit that will show you the REASONS your site is NOT BRINGING IN NEW sales.

If that is not enough, it comes with a TRIPLE Guarantee (another thing the business coaches push).

  1. If we don’t find anything wrong, its FREE
  2. If you don’t agree with what we find, it’s FREE
  3. If you go on to commission SEO work from us, it’s FREE

Bearing in mind the amount of data we provide and the problems we uncover, it is just has to be worth the £149 we charge. Although saying that, we have never yet charged the fee, everyone having engaged us to do some SEO work for them.

So that’s us.

What’s your Irresistible Offer and how is it working?

Interested in expert help with your SEO?