What Channel is Bringing In The Business?

Do You KNOW Which Sales Channels Are Working?

Many businesses are using lots of channels to promote their products and services But how many KNOW which one is the best? I have seen companies throwing money at Google Adwords with absolutely no sign of a return. This is not to say that the channel will not work, but it surely not working for […]

Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building in 2018

Let’s face it, SEO is considered by many to be a ‘black art’, by others to be a waste of time, whilst those who do agree that SEO is worthwhile will endlessly debate about what is good and what is bad, what tactics are ‘white’ and what are ‘black’. “If you ask six SEO experts […]

Are you making use of the free Google tools for your SEO?

Did you know that there numerous free tools that Google offer that you can use to improve your SEO? These tools are easy to use and can make a huge difference in helping you to increase traffic to your site and keep it on the right side of Panda and Penguin. There are tools that […]

Understanding Google analytics

When it comes to making the most of your online marketing campaign, it is important that you make use of all the tools that are available to you so that you can target the right sort of customer. Google Analytics is one of those tools and if you can understand how to use it and […]

Are You Losing Sales Because of ‘Friction Cost’???

There is a little known department in Whitehall called the ‘Behavioral Insights Team’; their job, to subtly alter the ways we in the UK act, look after ourselves and obey the law. Known colloquially as the ‘Nudge Unit’ it was at first thought of as all a bit nutty, but now because of a series […]

Using Google Analytics

  Website owners should be using Google Analytics to monitor what is going on, what works, what does not, where traffic is going and what the conversion rates are. If you are not doing this, it might be a good idea start doing so. We have found some helpful information which can guide you.   […]

Using Google Analytics can help you target the right audience

Making use of Google Analytics can give you so much useful information which can help you target a particular audience and increase your conversion rates. There is now even an app so that you track your data whenever you want and where ever you are.   After a year of supporting both the old and […]

Some Potentially Interesting Tracking Software For Your Website

One question that haunts all business website owners is that of “How can I get more conversions from my site?” Of course, you have to have a good site and clear call to actions before you can really expect to convert, but if these two points are covered, just what can you do to get […]

Free Search Engine Optimisation Survey

At SOM we’ve always gone out of our way to help people decide what to do (and what not to do too) when it comes to marketing their site on the Search Engines. We start this process by carrying out an indepth survey of their website, this providing details on how well it is set […]

Google Analytics & Searchandising

I am often asked questions about Google Analytics, often because there is just so much data available that it just ‘blows their minds’. The trick here is to use Filters to place one set of data for say PPC visitors and another set for Organic visitors into different ‘pots’. You still keep the ‘big pot’ […]