So How’s Your Website Floating Then?

Google and the Iceberg Principle

  We all know that icebergs only show a small fraction of themselves above the waves, most being concealed below. The unfortunate thing is that the same thing is true for websites that are not ‘trusted’ by Google.   This is not a total disaster, as some of the pages will appear in the listings […]

Survive to THRIVE – Some Questions all Business Owners Should Consider

The current business climate is a stressful one to say the least. The financial crash in 2008 was bad, but I think that all would agree that the Coronavirus crisis is having a far bigger impact, sending many businesses into ‘tail spins’, and some no doubt, to the wall. However, regardless of how bad it […]

The Top Nine Content Marketing Tools You Should Think About Using Right Now

Content marketing is all about content. That’s obvious. What isn’t obvious to many local business owners is that they don’t need to be the ones who do the writing This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions: The term […]

Finding Low Competition Niches and Using “Allintitle” Searches

Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the process of making a particular web page ‘stand out’ from the crowd for a set of related search terms, and thus get ‘noticed’ by Google. The effect of this is that when someone searches on Google for one of these phrases the site gets a position […]

7 Great Types of Content Marketing for any Business to Utilise

Content is still KING when it comes to the Internet and that in turn means that content marketing is not something that any business can ignore. This is something that is unlikely to change and that means that it’s your job to produce and share the kind of content that’ll bring customers to your business […]

Writing a Page for the User NOT for Google

The primary reason to write any page, or add any content to your site must be to entice your visitors to do what you want them to do. That could be to subscribe to your newsletter, to buy from you, to contact you, or even just to get them to come back later on. The […]

Why Bother With Blogs and What to Write

The reason, from an SEO point of view, is to increase traffic to the web site, not just the blog you have written. This is achieved in many ways:-   By creating more content, Google will give the site quality a positive boost (that is the site is seen not to be stagnant) The actual […]

Why The Content For Your Blog Must Be Quality And Relevant

At one time, getting as many links to your site as you could was the goal for many people doing SEO. These days however, this is not the way at all and you will find yourself in deep trouble if you do this. Linking is still important though and should not be dismissed or forgotten […]