How to create quality content that is optimized

As we often say, only ever release high quality content to your blog or website but there is more to successful SEO than that. Write for a human audience not for search engine spiders, it is the people who are going to appreciate what you have written, they are going to share it with their […]

Prevent your blog from becoming stale

Business blogs are an important part of your online presence and it may be that you have run out of steam with your blog. You might be thinking that there are only so many things you can blog about where your business is concerned however, if you can find a way to rejuvenate your blog, […]

3 important parts of SEO

At Serendipity Online Marketing, we are always encouraging you to provide quality content for your sites and blogs, obtaining good backlinks and make use of social media where appropriate. These 3 things are essential for keeping your website in the organic rankings and if you are a business owner, your site has to be noticed […]

Guest Blogging and Google’s New Guidelines

There is quite a bit of chatter about at the moment following Matt Cutt’s statement saying the ‘Guest Blogging is Dead’. As you can imagine, this has led to a lot of head scratching, as Guest Blogging has been used as a substitute for Article marketing (which as similarly seen a ‘don’t bother’ statement by […]

Making your business blog interesting for both humans and spiders

We all know that blogging is important to increasing a business’s online profile however, for many business owners, what to put in the actual content can be difficult. A business blog is not like a personal blog, it is not the place to express yourself, it is a place to give your followers an insight […]

Is there still a place for guest blogging?

Guest blogging has been a popular way of finding new and interesting content and when it has been well written, it is beneficial to everyone. However, guest blogging has become a target for the spammers with their poor quality content who just want to get links, often to equally poor quality sites. Google’s Matt Cutts […]

Driving traffic to your blog

If you have a blog, you will probably want to drive more traffic to it. There are now more opportunities than ever to enable you to do this, that does not mean that it is easy but it is something that is definitely worth while investing the time and effort to do. It is important […]

Making the most of your WordPress blog

Everyone has a blog these days or so it seems and in order to keep your customers up to date with what you are doing, industry news and anything else you wish to share, having a purpose built blogging site is important. WordPress is one of the popular platforms on which to build your blogging […]

Ten Steps To Building The Perfect Infographic

Infographics are one of those ‘things’ that people have an SEO (and Marketing) bee in their bonnets about these days, and indeed they can be very powerful in driving links and traffic, BUT only if they are done correctly and that, I can tell you, from experience is not easy at all… This post covers […]

How to blog for business

No doubt you will be aware of the fact that blogging can be very useful in promoting your business and improving your online presence. However, it is important that you write a good blog so that it is not only interesting to your readers but also for the search engines. There are many techniques used […]