All Major 2021 Google SEO Updates

Google updates

Summary Google updates its rule set thousands of times a year, but most have only a minor impact on the results. Some, however make a huge impact and are called Core Updates  there being three in 2021. These were released in June, July, and November, with another one possibly being put into the wild in […]

Why Do SEO Campaigns Fail?

LinkedIN Poll

I recently ran an LinkedIn Poll to see how effective peoples SEO Campaigns had been. It did not come as a surprise when the number of ‘successes’ was far lower than those that failed, the figures showing that some 80% of campaigns were considered to be a failure. The reason it was no surprise for […]

Of Hover Flies and Websites…

The Hoverfly acts just like web visitors do.

Next time you are in the garden, be sure to keep an eye out for the hoverflies. These wasp-like creatures are a common sight in a UK garden and, as their name suggests, can be seen hovering above flowers and, well, when it comes to it, just about anything they can find. But look that […]

STOP PRESS – Google World Defies The Laws of Physics

Rats in the Google Maze

A World Where House Bricks Float on Water Anyone who has read a book by Terry Pratchett will believe that such a world could exist And they’d be right, because there’s one that we enter every day It’s the World of Google Let us assume that Google is an ocean, and that websites are ‘ranked’ […]

Networking and Google’s MOT

Google MOT Centre

We all know that to survive a business must sell. That is why we network all the time. But when we do, we also know that we are not trying to sell to the people in the ‘room’. But instead, to the people that they know, so that when an opportunity appears, they can refer […]

We are all about to enter Strange Uncharted Waters…

Sailing into uncharted waters

I expect that most businesses will look back at the same period last year when checking on their progress. This is normal as it offers the best data about how things have changed, that is, more or less sales, web visitors or enquires etc The thing is this is the last month before Covid struck, […]

Just How Unique Is Your Resource? – Does YOUR Business Stand Out From The CROWD?

Does Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd Like This?

Just How Unique Is Your Resource? For those that don’t know, URL stands for ‘Unique Resource Locator’ and is effectively your websites Domain Name. There are various ‘parts’ of the URL, but that is another story… This one is all about ‘Uniqueness’. Just about any business is bound have hundreds of competitors on the web, […]