So How’s Your Website Floating Then?

Google and the Iceberg Principle

  We all know that icebergs only show a small fraction of themselves above the waves, most being concealed below. The unfortunate thing is that the same thing is true for websites that are not ‘trusted’ by Google.   This is not a total disaster, as some of the pages will appear in the listings […]

Online Press Releases & PR – What’s the Difference?

Public Relations Can Really Bring In Traffic

Many people actually think that they are one and the same, but they are not. Online Press Releases are great for SEO in that they do provide a large number of low power links, but they will not make a huge difference to rankings (although they may well be noticed by a journalist – I […]

What Does an SEO agency do With Your Money?

What should your SEO Agency be doing

Perhaps you should actually ask, “What should an SEO agency do with your money and why?”   The image above gives an idea about everything that needs to be covered under the broad label of search engine optimisation (SEO). As you can see it’s an extensive list! Read on for more about the whole SEO […]

Don’t Ignore The Gift Horse In The Room….

Let’s face it, SEO has a pretty bad reputation, this not being helped by the hundreds of emails we are all getting saying something on the line of ‘we have visited your site and can see it is not appearing in the Google rankings for some key search terms’. Of course, they have no idea […]

So What Makes the Perfect Link?

Backlinks, that is links ‘back’ to your site from others are just about the most powerful thing there is when it comes to the battle for rankings on Google. But as with anything, there are good, bad and indifferent links, so what makes for a perfect link and how do you go about getting them. […]

Combined Arms is as necessary in SEO as it is in warfare

Any army general or historian will tell you that in order to win a battle, you need to use all the different types of offensive weaponry available, this being the same across the ages, from the time of 1066 (and earlier) to today. This is called ‘Combined Arms’ it being the process where an army […]

Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building in 2018

Let’s face it, SEO is considered by many to be a ‘black art’, by others to be a waste of time, whilst those who do agree that SEO is worthwhile will endlessly debate about what is good and what is bad, what tactics are ‘white’ and what are ‘black’. “If you ask six SEO experts […]

SEO Ho Ho – Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 – Xmas Message

The year is nearly at an end and Xmas has been and gone, but there is still a lot of cheer in the air and pleasant memories of all the festivities to boot (amongst them our company Xmas card – see the image below) which went down very well with our customers). But there are […]


First a bit of history about Search Engine Optimisation SEO can trace its history way back to 1994 when the early pioneers discovered that they could use the Internet to drive traffic to their sites and hence sell their goods. As this idea became more accepted, people started competing with each other for traffic and […]

What Google Wants…

So What Does Google Want? If the full answer to this question was indeed understood, you can bet just about every site that wanted top rankings would make changes to the way their site looked and worked in pretty short order, the prize, that top place on the first page of Google being worth a […]