Backlinks Are As Important As Ever

Linking has become a bit of a dirty work in SEO however, it can still be a valuable part of your online marketing strategy. If you do wish to make use of linking, you must be careful about which sites yours has links with. It is essential that any backlinks are relevant and niche specific, […]

Top Tips on how NOT to Do Link Building for SEO in 2016

At Serendipity Online Marketing, we are always amazed at the paradox that is SEO, particularly as far as Google is concerned… Recently we have seen that Google wants rich content, loving it seems pages that are 1,000 plus words long (which is a lot of text believe me), whilst at the same time saying that […]

The Importance Of Correct Linking Strategy

Building links is a very effective part of any SEO strategy but it must be done carefully and naturally. It is important that the quality of the sites you are planning to link to is taken into account, you should choose sites that are in a similar or parallel niche to your own, do not […]

SEO Tips That Will Give Your Site A Boost

  Content marketing and building links are incredibly different subjects, however, there are indeed ways by which you can use 1 for the development of the other. Basically, articles or blog posts marketing are the reason you are willing to make use of link-building strategies. Listed here are several ways through which it is possible […]

Why Linking Is So Important In Any SEO Strategy

In order to achieve success in the organic searches, there are some rules that should be followed. Many people think that SEO is about submitting as much content as they can or they haven’t a clue and it’s all jiggery pokery. The first think you need to do, is to take a good look at […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Linking Strategy

I’m sure we all know about how the search engines use their algorithms to decide whether a website is worthy of being included and ranked. These algorithms have always relied upon links and Google has used this concept of linking to indicate value. Website owners then started using a variety of methods to artificially increase […]

Many myths surrounding SEO

There are many myths surrounding SEO and with Google’s alogrithms evolving, a lot of people are very confused as to what is acceptable and what is not. Take linking, there are so many contradictory stories regarding linking that many are put off even considering it now. Backlinks are still important to your SEO strategy and […]

Don’t fall down because of negative SEO

In a world which is constantly changing, it is so important to keep up with any changes in rules regarding SEO. Many reputable businesses has their fingers seriously burnt when Google introduced it’s menagerie and have had to spend considerable resources on fixing what was wrong. Online business is worth billions and if your company […]

3 important parts of SEO

At Serendipity Online Marketing, we are always encouraging you to provide quality content for your sites and blogs, obtaining good backlinks and make use of social media where appropriate. These 3 things are essential for keeping your website in the organic rankings and if you are a business owner, your site has to be noticed […]