How to Ensure Your Website Generates The Leads Your Business Needs

Your website is at the centre of all your online marketing efforts. In most instances It’s the first thing most people will see when they search for your business and we all know how important first impressions are… It is vital to remember that between 70% and 80% of all consumers say that they research […]

7 Great Types of Content Marketing for any Business to Utilise

Content is still KING when it comes to the Internet and that in turn means that content marketing is not something that any business can ignore. This is something that is unlikely to change and that means that it’s your job to produce and share the kind of content that’ll bring customers to your business […]

Combined Arms is as necessary in SEO as it is in warfare

Any army general or historian will tell you that in order to win a battle, you need to use all the different types of offensive weaponry available, this being the same across the ages, from the time of 1066 (and earlier) to today. This is called ‘Combined Arms’ it being the process where an army […]

The Decline of the Insect and The High Street..

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in, or visit the countryside, there is no doubt that the number and variety of insects has diminished dramatically over the past years. For instance, I can remember having to scrape the hordes of dead bodies from my car windscreen and lights every few days […]

Googles New Quality Guidelines and What it Means..

Today content and making a page ‘User Friendly’ is more important than ever when it comes to the current ‘SEO rules’ that Google use. This of course only covers On Page SEO (linking is another kettle of fish) but it is an area that covers a lot of ground. With this in mind (and acknowledging […]

Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building in 2018

Let’s face it, SEO is considered by many to be a ‘black art’, by others to be a waste of time, whilst those who do agree that SEO is worthwhile will endlessly debate about what is good and what is bad, what tactics are ‘white’ and what are ‘black’. “If you ask six SEO experts […]

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Search Engine Marketing Company

When people go online to find information, they almost always start by firing up their favourite search engine and typing in what they are looking for. The search engines, in turn, show a list of results that are related to the user’s query. These results are ordered by how relevant they are to the query, […]

Making The Most Of Your Search Marketing Strategy

Business owners know that in order to be successful, advertising and marketing is essential. It does not matter what goods or services you offer, if customers don’t know about you, then your business will not thrive. Since we now live in a technological age, marketing is more important than ever before and just having a […]

Is Your Online Presence Failing to Sell?: Here Are 4 Reasons Why

There is an old saying in that ‘you can bring the horse to water but you cannot make them drink’ and never has one been so accurate when talking about web traffic… From an SEO or Social Media point of view, getting traffic to a site is the first big goal, but it has to […]