The Strange Phenomenon of Website Sleeping Sickness..

Is your website sleeping?

You may not realise it but your website may well spend most of its time sound asleep. This ‘sickness’ is not caused by a biting fly as it is with humans, but simply because no one is visiting the website in the first place. What a waste, all that work and investment with little or […]

Don’t Ignore The Gift Horse In The Room….

Let’s face it, SEO has a pretty bad reputation, this not being helped by the hundreds of emails we are all getting saying something on the line of ‘we have visited your site and can see it is not appearing in the Google rankings for some key search terms’. Of course, they have no idea […]

How to Choose a Trustworthy SEO Agency?

Many businesses want improved rankings so they can get more leads and sell more products. This has led to a whole business developing around getting these rankings. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies go about this the right way and this can mean BIG trouble. How to tell good SEO companies from bad ones? How can […]

Why You Should Care About Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an Open Source tool that effectively audits web pages and applications to enhance the quality of them. The audits are conducted to measure a variety of areas of a website and webpage. For one, it focuses on performance. The other areas it focuses on include the accessibility and the best practices in order […]

SEO Boosting For A Local Business

These days, not having a website for your small business is unthinkable especially if you are looking to grow your company. Even small local businesses have an online presence and it can be hugely beneficial to harness the power of a well constructed and executed marketing strategy to boost the online profile. Obtaining a high […]

Using A Blog To Promote Your Business

It is so important for all businesses to be on the lookout for ways of promoting their brand and their products and services so that their name becomes familiar and is in the public eye. Blogging can be very useful for this purpose and it not only provides publicity, it allows you to communicate with […]

Why Links DO Matter for SEO

There has been no end of talk about the death of SEO and of how it is now impossible to do anything that will make any difference to the rankings a site gets for any given term. Those who espouse this opinion go to great lengths to tell that trying to ‘influence Google’ into giving […]

Searches And Mobiles, What’s The Plan?

Google’s new algorithm is aimed at sifting through mobile searches. These days most people use their mobile phones to perform searches on the internet. If your site is not optimised for mobile, you will not rank so it is important to make sure that your website is accessible on any device. What this means is […]

How To Plan An SEO Strategy That Will Work

SEO is the process of ranking your website on the search engines. It is important to develop an SEO strategy that will suit both your website and your business. It is actually very important to know what position your website holds and what to do to improve it. There is no magic wand for SEO, […]

Don’t Miss Out On Local Business When Planning Your SEO

These days it is more important than ever for businesses to have an online profile. This is not only a positive step for the business itself but also so that customers and potential customers can find them. For brick and mortar businesses the use of local SEO is essential as most people now use their […]