How Google authorship can help your site gain authority

We all know how important it is to have the best possible content associated with our sites however, these days it is becoming just as important to have authorship. Google authorship is being seen as reinforcing your authority on a subject and it is becoming commonplace to see photo thumbnails of authors beside links when […]

Do not neglect your landing pages

It is all very well having a wonderful online marketing strategy but if your landing pages are not up to scratch, you  may as well forget it. The landing page is the shop window and imagine looking into a shop window and not liking what you see or not understanding what you see, it is […]

How to write marketing copy that gets noticed

Creating suitable marketing copy is essential if you want to get your site noticed these days and a lot of people find it really difficult to do. How do you know if what you have written is going to be acceptable to the search engines? Although the search engines are important, you should be writing […]

How to write articles

These days, attracting attention for your website and getting your message out there is crucial and there are many ways of doing this. Blogging and article writing are 2 very useful ways of achieving this. However, if you do not have a reasonable grasp of how written language works, you could find yourself in a […]

Understanding how search engines work

The search engines are very important in ensuring that your website is found by your target audience so that you can conduct your business. Attracting the search engines is key to being listed and if you follow our blog, you will know that there are many ways of doing this. Understanding how the search engines […]

Put content marketing to work for your business

With so many different ways to engage with customers and potential customers, you might be finding it difficult to to find your way through the mire. Using content marketing allows you to engage with people via a number of mediums and you can impart huge amounts of information about your business, services and products. Content […]

Improving conversion rates

Right, you have got the all singing, all dancing ecommerce site but you are not converting as many visitors as you would like. Take a look at your site through fresh eyes, is it easy to navigate, is the basket easy to find, have you displayed your shipping charges and is your checkout easy to […]

Increasing your conversion rates

It is all very well having a flashy all singing, all dancing website but if it is not converting visits to sales then it is not doing its job. Business and ecommerce websites are all about conversions and it is important that you have a good rate in order to be successful. There are many […]

A positive online reputation

It is so important to obtain and then maintain a positive online reputation so that you and your business are seen as being decent and reputable. Unfortunately, the internet is a free for all and anyone can write anything about anybody whether it is true or not, so it is vital that you head off […]

Finding the key to repeat customers

For most online businesses, return customers are very important and encouraging them to come back to your website to purchase again is the goal. It is an uphill task and with the number of websites selling identical or similar items to you is exponential so customer loyalty is worth investing time and money in. Whether […]