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How we helped Caple Security with Organic SEO and Local SEO

Local SEO and Organic SEO are both important to businesses, each one being important in their own way. Of course every business wants to be No.1 in the Organic Listings and in the local, so called ‘3 pack’ on Google for all the many key phrases that are relevant to their products and services.

But this is just not possible even for the biggest of companies, Google simply not allowing any one business to dominate the listings.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important as with more and more searches being made on mobile devices, and because of the fact that Google provide local listings first (in the 3 pack) as well as skewing the results to show local firms (at least in some cases) , it is very possible that the searcher is close by and in a hurry for something. Be it a plumber, or in the case of Caple Security, a security operative of some form.

As mentioned Google often show local results first (depending on your location) and that means that small firms, like Caple Security can take on and beat the BIG fish in their market sector for the simple reason they are closer to the searcher.

Getting into the 3 pack is of course the main aim here (especially for the search results made from Mobile Phones), but in some instances, like Caple’s it is not possible to get into the 3 pack results for Hereford. BUT, you can still get good Organic results (the ones listed below the 3 pack)  if you make sure your website is optimised and has enough links.

It was not possible to get Caple a 3 Pack placement for Hereford, but we did get them one for Ross on Wye (where they are based).

We also obtained a large number of Organic rankings for them, this being just one example:-

The Situation We Were Faced With

Caple had made the decision to update their website and called in a local web design company to do the deed. They created a very nice website, but as they are not SEO experts, did not attend to all the little things that make the difference between getting rankings (and traffic). This meant that the new site lost most of its rankings (not that they were that good). This led to Caple being referred to us by the web design firm.

What We Did

As with all of our customers, we first did a SEO health check. This allowed us to check on what was ‘wrong’ with the current website and thus formulate a plan to improve matters. At the same time we chatted to the customer to find out what sorts of things they wanted to be found for.

The next step was to carry out some detailed keyword research so that we could find out what terms people were using in this market sector. This too was discussed and from the list of words found, the customer choose the ones that they thought would most likely lead to sales being made.

Mapping The Keyword Onto The Sites Pages

With the target keywords known, the next step was to ‘assign’ them to the pages on the site, choosing in each case, the page that was most able to get a rank for that phrase.

Optimising The Site Page by Page

With the keywords mapped onto the pages, the next step was to change the Titles and Header tags on each of the pages, as well as optimising the copy (this basically meaning that we had to ensure that the ‘right’ words were included).

Local SEO -Some Extra Steps Taken

The client was really interested in getting local traffic, so besides the standard SEO work, we also made some extra changes to the site to ensure that Google ‘really understood’ that the site provided services to Herefordshire and it’s surrounding districts.

Link Building Started

Links are not as important as they used to be, BUT, they are still an important ranking factor and ARE needed if you want any site to get the best rankings possible. We therefore started creating useful links using relevant anchor text, this being done in the RIGHT WAY, one that will ensure that Google believe that all of the links are natural ones.

It is VITALLY important to build links in the right way, as failing to do could well get your site banned, or at least lead to it loosing some hard won ranking positions.

Local Citations Created

Local Citations are vital if you want to get into the 3 Pack, so here we started creating these, alongside the normal links.


And The Results Were….

You can measure SEO success in many ways, in the number of first page ranks you get for your target words, for the number of phrases your site is associated with by Google Search Console and of course by the number of clicks the site receives.

However, the most important thing is always how many inquiries / sales a site gets….

With Caple, before we started, all of the indicators were poor, and very little business was being brought in through the site.

Things however started to improve as soon as our work started to ‘bite’ (after about 2 months) and today we can see:-

  • Traffic has risen by 600%
  • The number of times the site has been listed by Google has risen by 100%
  • The number of phrases associated with the site has also improved by 100%

When it comes to the level of business the site has brought in, well that is best summed up by the owner.

“Since we had Serendipity to carry out our online activities we have had a fantastic response, “so good that at the moment we now have to turn work away”, it certainly has been money well spent. I would no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone.”

So, if you want help with your site, be it LOCAL SEO, or Organic SEO, we at Serendipity Online Marketing are here to help and are waiting for your call.

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