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I met Garry Thomas at a local business show and he took up our offer of a free SEO Audit. We carried out the survey and then went through the results with him.

The Audit showed that the Thomas Studio site was not doing as well as it could, there being a number of Technical Issues that needed fixing. Besides that the main issues were that the Titles and Descriptions were not optimised and in some cases the Word count and the actual words used were too low / not diverse enough. As ever the links to the site were also a problem, the competition having a better linking structure.

The first work we carried out was the Keyword Research, this allowing us to locate all the keywords that Garry’s potential customers were using. The result was very interesting and after Garry had a good look at them, we had a number of keywords to target.

These keywords were then grouped together and ‘mapped’ onto the appropriate pages on the site, some new pages being suggested at this stage.

With the target keywords known, the next step was to alter the Meta Titles and Descriptions to reflect what terms each page was trying to get better rankings for.

Most Important Of All Are The Words On The Page

Next, the issue of low word count was addressed. The aim here was to ensure that the pages were long enough, but more importantly that they used enough relevant words, so as to ensure that Google ‘really understood’ what a page was about. There were a number of pages to deal with, this work still being ongoing at the time of writing (11th Feb 2020).

We found that the site needed more links and Citations (for Google My Business) and again work on this was started in January and this work is also on going.

The aim of the optimisation process is simply to increase the traffic to the site (for relevant keywords of course), this being identifiable by checking the:-

  • The Rankings for the Target Terms
  • The Number of Impressions in Google Search Console
  • The Number of Clicks in Google Search Console
  • The Number of Organic Visits recorded in Google Analytics


The good news here is that after just a month, we could see an increase in traffic when compared to the same period last year, it being better to check traffic against Jan 19, than December 19, it being obvious that there would be an increase in traffic because of the Christmas holidays.

As can be seen there has been a very healthy rise in both impressions and clicks to the site from Google when compared to last year. Now it must be said that with Brexit being ‘sorted’, that the Real Estate market place has seen a boost, but I am confident that the changes we have made have had a real impact.

The checks on the ranks obtained also showed some useful improvements, especially for local searches where a number of terms suddenly were awarded ranks after being totally off the radar before.

There is some way to go here, but after just one month’s work we can see a REAL improvement, Serendipity living up to its aim of ‘Increasing Traffic To Your Website’

This page will be updated over the next few months as the work and traffic improvements continue.

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