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So just what should an SEO Audit cover and why?

Our £250 SEO AUDIT Comes With Guarantees.

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The purpose of the Audit is to see what issues could be stopping a site from getting better rankings on Google. This is not straightforward as there are over 200 ranking signals/checks that affect the rank awarded by Google, these ranging from Technical Issues like site speed, to the words used on the page.

Such research is needed because, just like when you take your car to the garage for a MOT, the first thing that they have to do is to see what is broken / not up to scratch. Only then can they move on to fixing the car.

It is very much the same for websites, the Audit that Serendipity Online Marketing provides being very similar to a MOT test.

What is covered


By checking the domain on SEM Rush, we can get an idea of the sort of keywords that Google associate with a site and the rankings awarded. The data also shows which pages have won the rank, this all being useful information.

Competitor Traffic

Using the same tool (to ensure a good comparison) a major competitor’s domain is checked to see what keywords are working for them. Not only does this show what is working for the competitor, it also gives some very interesting info on a whole range of keywords that the site being checked is not getting rankings for.


Data on the main competitors (for Google listings) are found. Also, for one keyword phrase, the top sites for that term are located, this data showing the comparative strength of the checked site versus the competition.

Technical Audit

This provides an overall picture of the site, indicating data on the sites speed on both mobile and desktop computers. Information on broken links and pages that have images that are not using ALT tags, or are not showing correctly are also included.

SEO Audit

This area provides a host of information on ways a page could be improved, together with any really important areas that need attention.

Page Level SEO

A page is then analysed to see how well it is optimised for that term. This covers the placement of the key words and such matters as internal link patterns. The use of the all important Header Tags is also covered.

Title and Description Usage

The page Title is the most important ‘real estate’ on a page SEO wise, while the Description, whilst not providing that much ‘positive’ SEO, can if misused result in ‘negative’ marks and thus lower potential ranks.

Words Per Page

There is no hard and fast rule about how many words should be used on a page, but there is no doubt that pages with a low word count do not work as effectively in obtaining rankings, or bringing in traffic for long tail keyword searches.

Text Optimisation

Google is a lot cleverer than it was in the early days, which means that stuffing a page full of keywords will not work at all today. However, there is still a need to use the right words on a page, but these must be variations / relevant to the target phrase. This check provides very useful data on how well the text meets Google’s requirements.

Linking Strategy

The competitor checks above will have revealed the power of these sites, this set of data providing more information on the power of the site and the number of links that they have.

Put together, this data shows just what ‘problems’ a site has, as well as indicating just how to fix them.

The audit and associated telephone / online consultation are provided totally free of obligation, which means that any website owner can take advantage of this offer without any worries.

If you are interested in knowing ‘what is wrong with your website, SEO wise’, then please do contact SOM, we will be happy to help.

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