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The sad fact is that only 30% of businesses would recommend the SEO company that they use, or have used. Having seen work from some of these so called ‘experts’, we can really understand this.

So what could be wrong?

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting website traffic via Google (and other search engines). Your site will only gain traffic if it has rankings for relevant key phrases – terms used often enough to be worth having rankings for.

This is important. Many SEO companies boast about having got huge numbers of Page 1 ranks. However, often, no one is using them, so having that number 1 position is actually worthless. In fact, it’s worse than worthless, because it gives a false sense of confidence.

Has this been your problem? It’s a common one, so don’t feel bad if you’re one of the many business owners in this position.

Another problem is that you haven’t got any good rankings in the first place; the SEO has simply failed. Again, this is common. If you’ve chosen the ‘wrong’ SEO company you could be among the many who find themselves with no rankings – and no traffic.

We can deal with the first issue – choosing the right keywords to get rankings for – by doing the necessary keyword research. That way we can discover what keywords people are using to search for your products or services. They’re the ones your SEO should have targeted.

If this hasn’t been done in your case, it’s a prime reason that your SEO failed.

The best solution without a doubt is our £250 DETAILED SEO AUDIT – Satisfaction Guaranteed

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We realise it can be tricky to get started, especially when you haven't seen the benefits of SEO first-hand. That's why we offer a FREE report for your website, with recommendations for improvement.

No, we targeted the right keywords

What if, despite targeting the right keywords, you still didn’t get any sales?

It could simply be down to lack of rankings. If that’s the case the answer is simply to work out why the rankings are too low and fix the issues. This could take a few months, but just think of all those potential sales you could make – the ones you’re missing out on at the moment.

But what if you’ve good rankings, but still aren’t making any sales?

Though unusual, this can happen. When it does it’s typically down to price, product or an unconvincing sales message on the site.

Perhaps your site is ‘going for your customers wallet too quickly’, before you’ve convinced them that you’re trustworthy and that your product or service can solve their problems.

Find the problems and fix them

Fortunately, we can examine the current analytics, Google Search Console and ranking data, and results of various technical audits. Taken together, they’ll give a good idea of where the problem lies – the reason your SEO hasn’t worked as well as it should.

Once we’ve located these problems, we can deploy various processes and systems – and over 20 years’ experience – to fix them. Your SEO will then start working and your bottom line will improve.

I’d like to prove to you just how different we are, and would love to arrange a Zoom meeting to discuss your problem and show you why you can trust Serendipity with your SEO.

Still not convinced?

We've achieved great SEO successes in the past, such as this increase in traffic and sales. Read our case studies for more examples of the benefits your business could enjoy.

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Graham was kindly offering his services on website rankings in Google, free of charge. I expected him to come back with the usual nondescript one-page report. I was totally surprised when he came back with a full report showing clearly where my website was lacking. Graham went through the 10-page report and explained exactly what I should do so I could improve my ranking. If he did this for free, I can only imagine the results he gets for his paying clients. 

Carol McIntyre


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